Saturday, May 12, 2012

Resting in the forest

Good morning to you, kind sirs and ladies!
Are you ready for the summer? Are the flowers blooming in your gardens? 
I am here to remind you of my quiet existence filled with too much non-art work. And being an extremely devoted drawer of things, I manage to do even more drawing than when I'm on holiday. The result is excessive exhaustion and a pile-up of stupid thoughts and questions.. I've questioned everything this week, from "What is popular these days and WHY is it popular?", "How to stop my neighbours liking Rihanna so much?", "How to handle a child and discipline adults?" (i work in education, you see), "Why do we have buses from pre-historic era and they are still working?", "Why did we stop reading books?" "Why am I not sipping lemonade at the cafe in San Fransisco?" to "What do you eat for dinner when you have carrots, olives and chocolate?" These vital questions and many more serious (I can be serious, you know, especially on Fridays) ones have troubled me within recent days :) If you have any answers to them, please, please leave them in the comments section!

Now, the other result is on my facebook page which I regularly update (or at least I'm trying to). Speaking about the page, I'd love to do a special giveaway once I reach 500 fans (hopefully it won't take me ages and we'll do it before the end of the world hits us haha)! So if you are up for it, you can spread the word and be in the chance of winning something from me.
I must run now and leave you. How I wish I could now be the girl in the drawing, sleeping instead of filling up my head with useless things.  
 I've had some questions about selling my drawings.. I have no prints available, and the only way you can get my drawing/collage, is by buying an original. If you have any ideas as to this, or if you know of any stockists who would like to have my works for sale, I'd be happy to hear your ideas. 
I hope you have a good weekend,
PS. Go and watch a good movie.


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  2. I have spent many hours dwelling over the very same questions... Especially the "why do we stop reading books" and "how to stop people from listening to Rihanna"-ones! I still do not know how to improve others' music taste, but I have realized that the ability of reading books is a skill that only needs training! Internet, television and society today move so fastly - there is always something screaming for our attention. Many seem to lose the concentration skill as well as the time to read novels these days. But I for one have just returned to books these days and find I only need to close the rest of the world out and work that concentration. And it is wonderful.

    Wonderful is your illustration as well - they always are! Magical and deeply fascinating. I love your way of mixing detailed complexity with simplicity of shape.

  3. Hello Daria, is a pleasure to meet you, your works are wonderful.