Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday, I'm in my room

Good evening, ladies, gentlemen and their pets!
 I am here to remind you that it is Friday, that it is never late to read a good fairy-tale, and that you can vote for my drawing (inspired by the CURE in a contest by Secret 7s, Talenthouse to help Teenage Cancer Trust) via facebook or twitter for Cure and for Florence it will only take a second really! and thanks a million if you do! Being a fan of the Cure for... 10.. 15? maybe even more years, since I first saw Close To Me (and having rather imaginative nightmares after that) on MTV I remain a constant listener and dreamer and there was no way I could miss drawing a little corner of the Cure world I imagine to myself. but only a tiny nook!
 And as to Florence, she is a rare talent. I am very thankful for some of her songs, which have become very quickly my personal musical diary pages.
And now, dance! 


  1. LOVE these illustrations!!!!! The second illustration is great with the circular frame and mountains.

  2. These are great! I love the faces in the mountains and landscape. Just beautiful!

  3. Am voting right now! I saw your Cure drawing pop up randomly whilst on tumblr the other day with someone saying how amazing it was :D i really really hope you win, Daria!